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Crystal Reports 2013 Product Key invalid error message

Nov 20, 2017 at 09:14 PM


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So ive been trying to reinstall Crystal Reports 2013 on my machine running windows 7. I had it on here before but recently had to do a complete OS reinstall and everything and now I cant seem to get the program to fully install. I get to the point of putting in my product key and every time I get this error message.

[Don - Deleted screen shot of your keycode]

Now I already tried using the instructions sent to me by SAP which was to go to this page

I clicked on the link to download the zip file it says to download and then I get this error message

I'm not sure how to proceed or what to do but I need to get this program back on my machine so I can get my reports back up again.

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2 Answers

Don Williams
Nov 21, 2017 at 05:54 PM

Hi Fern,

See if you can get here:

There is a link there to request a keycode.

If you can't get there then go here:

Click on the Contact us button and ask CIC team for a new keycode.


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this is not helpful because I do not have an S-user ID so I cant access the support launchpad. I cant seem to do anything to get this installed.

Edwin Tucker
Nov 29, 2017 at 10:36 PM

Hi Ferne,

Would you be able to use this link to download the software for the highest full build for Crystal Reports 2013 (SP10), please?

Once downloaded, please extract the zip file and find the setup.exe file to 'Run as Admin'. See this video for an installation walkthrough:

Check your code looks a bit like this 30-day temporary code - or use it for installation to verify the software works as it should: D720Y-BPUW30S-BYN1YCX-1A30040-WE. In the Help>License Manager menu you can Remove the temp code, then Add your production code in the License Manager (

I hope that works for you.


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Ok I dont think you get it, Ive already done all of this and gone through all of it nothing is getting past the product key is invalid even when using the temp key codes given to me by SAP


I apologize for not being sure what had or hadn't been tried.

Here is a link to download the instructions and resource I think you were trying to access previously:


Hi Fern,

The second link I posted:

Takes you to a public download page, that does not require a S user account.



Hey Fern,

Did you use the keycode Edwin posted or are you using the original keycode? It is possible you are still using the Trail keycode you first got from SAP Store and that one would have expired by now.

Please try again using this trial keycode -


Thanks again



Yes I am sure, I have tried my product key as well as several different temp keys that have been given to me.