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Online composition drag-and-drop functionality possible in Lumira 2.0?

Nov 20, 2017 at 04:03 PM


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Hello all,

I built an application in Design Studio 1.6 SP4, with Universe data sources, based on a heavily modified online composition template. The drag-and-drop capabilities provided by the combination of the split cell container and fragment gallery components are crucial to satisfying my users' requirements.

Going forward, I want to move to Lumira 2.0 to take advantage of its new features and fixes. However, as far as I know, neither the split cell container nor the fragment gallery are supported in Lumira 2.0 Designer. So is there another way to achieve the drag-and-drop functionality, perhaps by utilizing Lumira 2.0 Discovery in a way that isn't clear to me right now, or is drag-and-drop just no longer supported?


Krishna Pai

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Mustafa Bensan Nov 20, 2017 at 09:58 PM

Hi Krishna,

The Online Composition feature from Design Studio 1.6 has been deprecated in Lumira Designer 2.0. SAP's guidance has been that business users should now use Lumira Discovery to build their own stories. However, dragging and dropping from a Fragment Gallery is not available.

With the new Composites feature, although the purpose is for creating reusable components at design-time, there is no support for developing run-time drag-and-drop style online composition applications with these.



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Thanks Mustafa, this is what I suspected. The bookmarks I was using in Design Studio were "tiles" of sorts, with design specifications provided by my business users. They included charts, scorecards, and filter lines, sometimes logically linked with JavaScript code, sometimes with several data sources, all contained in a single panel component, all captured by a bookmark. These bookmarks would then be dragged into an online composition. If Lumira Discovery 2.0 is now the only option for users looking for that drag-and-drop custom dashboard composition experience at runtime, it sounds like I'll need to look at whether the complexity of my old "tiles" can be achieved in Discovery.



Keep in mind that even in Discovery, there is no support for drag-and-drop creation of dashboards at run-time with bookmarks (fragments) like there was for the old online composition feature. Business users will need to create their dashboards at design-time using the Discovery desktop client and then publish these dashboards to the BI Platform.

Tammy Powlas
Nov 20, 2017 at 04:27 PM

Hi Krishna - in SAP Lumira Designer 2.0 you can use Composites - please see this SAP TechEd slide:

Source: SAP

lum2composite.jpg (174.7 kB)
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Hi Tammy, it's not clear from this slide, or from any searching I've done, that end-users can drag-and-drop composites in Lumira Designer as they could drag-and-drop portable fragment bookmarks in Design Studio. Are you saying composites can be dragged/dropped by end-users in a running Lumira Designer application?


That depends on how you build the composite - there are properties to enable dragging, etc.