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Feb 06, 2008 at 06:33 AM

Scheduler Task


Hello All,

I had followed this [Blog|] [original link is broken];_ for creating scheduler task for NewsLetter updating the contents dynamically day-by-day.

Here in this blog, Prakash singh used the external link as his source(yahoofeed) and displayed the destination in KM File.For me i have used KM Document as a Source file and destination is also KM document file.

I did some changes in code like system date as the destination file so if it is Feb06_2008 means it ll so like that..frequently it ll change according to the system date.

Date dt=new Date();

SimpleDateFormat sdf1=new SimpleDateFormat("MMMdd_yyyy");

str = sdf1.format(dt);

str1=str + ".html";


and added str1 in create resource in KM content,

aCollection.createResource("documents/"+ str1,null,aContent);

I don know whether this thing is correct or not.

But here what is my problem is the scheduler task successfully created and i had given the time period and also the CM system.In monitoring ,the file was running,but not showing the destination file in KM after that time period what i specified.

Answers ll be rewarded