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Report authorization based on sales organization

Nov 20, 2017 at 09:32 AM


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Is there any possibility in C4C we can restrict view dashboard reports based on sales organization for sales business role?

For ex:

I have business role CC_AGENT and then I have created one report then assigned to this role, now I have two sales organizations say 1YYY and 1ZZZ , since employees of both sales organizations use same business role . i.e. CC_AGENT , is there any possibility to restrict to view report based on sales organization, in my case only employees in 1YYY can see the report I have created not for 1ZZZ sales organization.



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4 Answers

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Martin Wessely Jan 30 at 03:18 PM

Hi Chandra,

to achieve this, you obviously have to have the Organizational Structure in place.

Then go to Workcenter "Business Analytics",
> select the report you want to restrict,
> "Edit with" Report Wizard,
> click next, next, until you get "Characteristic Properties",
> select a value you want to base your restriction on, like e. g. "Sales Unit",
> choose "Fixed Value Selection",
> Then go to "Set Fixed Value Selection" (at the top of the list),
> should you have chosen "Sales Unit", you can now (under "Select Values Sales Unit") pick "Relative",
> chose e. g. "My assigned Sales Units",
> OK, Save, finish.

Then, the assignee of the report will only see the data (Sales Visits, Number of calls etc.) of his or her unit. If the result is not satisfactory, try the other available relative values.

BR, Martin
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Marlon Grawer
Dec 20, 2017 at 12:24 AM

Hello Chandra,

Have you tried reporting based on data source Account Details [BPCSDB]? This data source delivers not only the "Sales Organization"field, but the field "Role" [PRJTN_ROLE_CODE]. Maybe this fits into your requirement. If you find this does not match to what you're looking for, then please submit a requirement through our SAP Customer Influence site: Here you can request new features for the upcoming releases of the system.

Hope this helps.


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Jason Damon Nov 20, 2017 at 09:39 AM

Hi Chandr,

If the report includes a check to see Sales org - Then this is possible.

You will have to create 2 Roles. With each sales org maintained in the Organizational levels.



Allocate the roles accordingly

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Former Member Nov 20, 2017 at 10:25 AM

Hi Jason,

This is just one example , for ex: if I have 10 business roles in each sales org. then if I have 20 sales organizations then I'll have end up creating 10X20=200 roles , so at some point of time managing these roles is difficult task day to day.

So I'm just looking for solution without creating 200 roles how can we restrict only 10 roles, in ECC this possibility is there I know.

But not sure in C4C.

Thank you for your response and let's see others opinion on this.



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Hi Chandra,

Unfortunately you will have to create alot of roles. This is where master and derived roles come into play.

Its essential to have these setup with the initial setup of the project.

Authorization is often not really thought about when making these decisions.

I am keen to see the other replies.