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Nov 20, 2017 at 08:58 AM

Calculated value show ’-’ or not summarized on aggregated dimension member


Hi All,

I faced a calculation problems in SAC, our problem is the following:

  • gross value KPI show ‘-‘ every dimension member. The gross value calculate from gross price x unit, and I set details calculation, the aggregation type is sum.
  • if I switch off the Details calculations the KPI is calculating on leaf members, but show 0 on consolidated member
  • The main problem is, the gross price KPI isn’t additive key figure, so I set the aggregation type None. If I modify to SUM, the gross value calculating every dimension member, but the value isn’t correct on consolidated member.
  • Without currency the calculation works fine.

Could anybody help, what I have to set up or off, to calculate as desired?


Details calculation of

Details calculation on


sac-01.png (56.6 kB)
sac-02.png (85.7 kB)
sac-03.png (78.9 kB)