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Does S/4HANA Embedded Analytics work within Hybris Marketing on-premise?

Nov 18, 2017 at 08:27 PM


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I guess it should work within Hybris Marketing on-premise the same way it works within cloud version because it’s a generic S/4HANA tool.

But I can’t find Query Browser / Custom Analytical Queries / View Browser apps in our sandbox system 1709.

Any ideas why?

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Josef Ehbauer
Dec 19, 2017 at 02:42 PM

Hi Mikhail,

currently only some parts of embedded analytics are part in our on-premise offering. You can use the design studio, which gets opened from the Analytics and Report Gallery, available in Cloud since 1711 release. However the query browser as well as the query designer are unfortunately not yet available in our on-premise release.

In order to browse queries in On-premis one can use the backend transaction RSRT.

For the query designer one can use backend environment in ABAP in Eclipse to develop and model custom CDS composite and consumption Views (i.e. Queries)

As alternative for the query browser we plan to deliver the Analytics and Report Gallery as part of our On-Premise SP01 for Release 1709, so an equivalent solution for the embedded analytics will be available in On-premise as well soon.

Kind Regards,
Josef Ehbauer
Hybris Marketing Cloud

Please refer also to ma answer on a similar question for Marketing Analytics in On-Premise

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Former Member

Hi Josef Ehbauer ,

Thanks for the detailed info. We are trying to utilize Analytics capabilities in SAP Hybris Marketing On-Premise for our campaign execution process. I have seen many articles, questions and blogs on this topic and mostly see your responses. It has been detailed to understand the product but i have below Queries ,

1) How can we show these reports in interactive dashboards in SAP Hybris Marketing On-Premise UI (Fiori App) ?

2) You mentioned about Design studio. Does it mean SAP Lumira ? or we have a Designer Studio Fiori App in SAP Hybris Marketing On-Premise ?

3) We are upgrading our systems to 1709 SP01 , where can I find this Analytics and Reports Gallery in SAP Hybris Marketing On-Premise UI ?

Any documents available on analytics (On-Premise) with examples, I see many for Cloud version of SAP Hybris Marketing but not for On-Premise.

P.S : We are not considering to use SAP Analytics cloud




Hi Rajesh,

ad 1 and 2): For interactive reporting we are offering the design studio, it is not SAP Lumira. If you want to get an impression please logon to our free trial marketing cloud offering to learn more about it or check the online documentition.

ad 3) everything which you need to know about the analytics and report gallery can be found in the What's New section, filtered by Marketing Analytics of our online documentation.

Regards, Josef

Former Member

Hi Josef Ehbauer ,

Thanks for the Info.

1)Since we are using SAP Hybris Marketing "On-Premise" version do we have this Design studio available in SP01 upgrade of On-Premise version ?

2)As a prerequisite for using Analytics stories, administrator must have set up the integration with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Without SAP Analytics cloud integration with SAP Hybris Marketing On-Premise we can't use analytical stories ?

Architecture of SAP Hybris Marketing OnPrem Analytics Reports as below.


Rajesh N

Former Member

Hi Rajay,

both assumptions are correct.

Best Regards,