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Former Member
Feb 05, 2008 at 06:54 PM

duplicated records in manual planning when using navigational attributes


Hi Experts

I have the following problem regarding manual planning in IP

I have an input ready query where with the following:

in the lines an sturcture with char1, char2 ... and in the columns another structure with 12 kfs, one for each fiscal period. The underlying cube has navigational attributes. After manual planning I check the data with TC Listcube, the issue is that if I include in the output navigational attributes I got two records with the same characteristics and kf. if in the listcube I don't display nav attr the output showns only one record (as expected).

Problems arise when using navigational attributes in reporting because kf will get add up.

So the question is why do I have two records when using navigational attributes?? and only one without using them in the output of TC liscube??, is it a normal behavior or it is a problem??

any help will be really apreciated