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Nov 18, 2017 at 04:35 PM

WCView doesn't appear in Sales workcenter

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I am attempting to add a custom WCVIEW with a custom EC to the Sales standard WCF.

I followed the contents of this post and added the WCView to COD_Sales_WCF, and then assigned permissions to that WCF to the business user from the Administration work center.

However, when I log into the user interface, I don't see the new WCViewunder Sales in any of the three UIs.

The WCView has a single EC in it.

That EC has four fields, as a test:

There are four bound data model elements to the new BO I created to map to this EC:

And the BO is very simple currently:

businessobject Meeting {
[AlternativeKey] element OpportunityID : ID;
element MeetingID : ID;

(Eventually these need to link to Opportunity, but we aren't there yet)

I am also using Stefan Hagen's YouTube video here as a reference: .

Additional notes:

* I've done the single roundtrip as recommended by Stefan in the other post ("remove workcenter from user, save, logoff, logon, assign wc to user (here the custom WCView should be part of the list), logoff, logon.")

* The WCView's property Appearance/ViewSubType is set to Application, not InvisibleApplication

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to get this WCView to appear in the work center?



screenshot-1.png (287.1 kB)
screenshot-2.png (290.2 kB)
screenshot-3.png (428.4 kB)