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SWPM Export Jobs Getting Failed Due to Missing Tables DBSLExeRead Failed

Hello All,

I am posting this query as a reference with the issue faced during System Copy/Export.

Our requirement is to migrate our Solution Manager 7.1 SP14 System to a New Linux X86_64 Platform from the source Platform based on AIX 64 Bit Platform.
Presently Application (DVEBMGS00 and SCS01) + Database resides on the same server with no Application Server provisioned additionally

Requirement is to migrate the Application Data to the New Linux Platform (Central Instance) and also install 5 Additional Application Servers (3 for ABAP and 2 for Java).
After that Solution Manager will be upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2 from the newly built system.

So I have chosen the option from SWPM as Solution Manager 7.1 SR1 -> Dual Stack Based Source System Export of the Database and Central Instance -> R3load/Migration Monitor based or Database Independent

Now after starting the Export on First Attempt, I got 3 job failure prompt and as per the error log there were some tables missing. I am attaching the sample screenshot which I got in the second attempt as well.

So the tables which were reportedly missing were no where to be found in the Database rather they existed in the ABAP Data Dictionary (SE11) and Nametab also existed for those table entries. Courtesy of the Function (DD_SHOW_NAMETAB).

Now After discussing with Business we decided to remove those Tables from the System. So I deleted their Corresponding Nametabs with the report (DD_NAMETAB_DELETE).
Then I done a Consistency Check and there were no missing Tables showing from the report. There were only some 48 Secondary Indexes showing missing. Screenshot Attached.

So after checking the above result I started the second attempt. Unfortunately again as attached the screenshot above I got prompt again for the missing table /BI0/0600000002

After doing some investigations what I understand is that this are Temporary SID Tables and same scenario like before their nametab and ABAP Data Dictionary record exists but no existence in the Database.

So my question is can those records be removed from the system? What I understand this tables are related to temporary BW Tables.

Also is there any reports or presteps to determine that I should not receive any such prompts again.

Is there any reports or programs through which we can run a environment analysis checks to avoid any probable errors again.

Otherwise Running the Export again and again is really difficult. As we also have to meet the timelines.

Thanks and Regards

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2 Answers

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    Nov 21, 2017 at 10:14 AM

    Dear Anurag,

    please follow the system copy guide for your NetWeaver release.
    In addition, I recommend consulting SAP Note 1139396 - Temporary database objects in BW 7.X
    and execute the mentioned report.
    Don't forget to repeat execution of report SMIGR_CREATE_DDL as well due to the changes
    made to the system!
    Afterwards, start the export of the system from scratch.

    Best regards,


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  • Nov 28, 2017 at 07:49 PM

    Hi Anurag,

    I added another secondary tag to the question for "Software Logistics - System Provisioning," as this covers the use of the SWPM tool.

    Your tale sounds somewhat similar to one I experienced almost three years ago, which I wrote about in However, SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES (as described in Note 1139396 that Hendrik references above) did not help me in my case. Since your ghost tables are indeed BI temp tables, it should work for you. Indeed, SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES is described as a manual activity to be taken on the source system prior to performing your SWPM export, if I remember correctly.

    If Hendrik's answer solved your problem, please "accept" his answer to mark it as correct, and close the question.


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    • Hello Matt,

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Apologies for replying late.
      Later on for Central Instance Installation what I followed was to select the Target System Installation from the SWPM Tool. Prior to that I have taken only the export of the Java Instance and utilized that export content to complete the migration.

      Since Database host was not going anywhere, hence I omitted the option of taking the export of Database+ Central Instance.

      Thanks and Regards