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Digital signature and validation for sync web-service

Nov 18, 2017 at 12:49 PM


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I need your immediate help to digitally sign request xml message for

synchronous webservice call on SAP PI 7.4(single stack). Requirement is

  1. SAP PI makes a request to the ZSMOPL, sends messages with the signature and the certificate used for the signature. This information must be in the header of the message (<soapenv: Header>). X.509 Certificates.

Can I use Soap adapter with webservice security profile? ( I tried this, but it throws error )

Or Do I have to go for java mapping. Can I please get the sample code to implement digital signature.

SOAP header template as provided by zsmopl" xmlns:soapenv="">

<soapenv:Header>" xmlns:wsu="">" ValueType="" wsu:Id="X509-925981AA89D6C41EB3144465584498121">MIIGQDCCA2owggJSoAMCAQICCQCuBuTAUz+owz">





</ds:Transforms>"/> eXyR08F9i3u8qQ3bJVccW6e/es8=


</ds:SignedInfo> <ds:SignatureValue>NS45ULI7S81aXmchf37FS2y6va</ds:SignatureValue>" wsu:Id="STR-925981AA89D6C41EB3144465584498123" xmlns:wsse11="">"/>







Receiver SOAP channel, select "Select Security Profile". The "Security Profile" should be "Web Services Security".

On your Receiver Agreement/ICO that uses this channel, select the "Security Standard" and select "Security Procedure (Request)" -> Sign.

On "Certificate for Signing (WS Request)", select your keystore and view for your digital certificate.

I have done above settings, then sent messages. Receiver SOAP channels throws error as " MP: exception caught with cause SOAP: Response message contains an errorXIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: An invalid security token was provided Caused by: An invalid security token was provided (Bad ValueType "")"

be adding modules given in the blog

I got the payload ( signed header + body ) sent by receiver SOAP Channel to zsmopl,

below is the payload.




<ds:Reference URI='#wsuid-body-0ac9b863-cc3f-11e7-ad57-0000007f6e76'>









<wsse:Reference URI='#sap-16'/>






I could identify the difference b/w PI payload and the template, differences are in PI payloads, below values missing

1.xml attribute ValueType=””. this should be populated 3 times
2.There is no values populated under <keyinfo> tags.

I believe this is causing error in PI. I've raised OSS note for fix from SAP.

Please suggest here how to proceed further.

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4 Answers

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avinash M Dec 07, 2017 at 04:35 PM

This requirement ( wssec signing only ) was achieved using SOAP AXIS. Detailed explanation of the solution can be found at my blog : wssec signing

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avinash M Nov 22, 2017 at 05:41 AM

Any updates Here !!

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avinash M Nov 23, 2017 at 11:58 AM


SAP Confirmed that, SOAP Channel is not fully supporting WS-Security & suggested to use SOAP Axis. PI set-up is going on for this.

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avinash M Nov 28, 2017 at 10:26 AM

Basis team deployed AXIS related jar into PI server ( xml sec 1.4.2 and wss4j - 1.5.6 ).

I've configured the receiver axis channel with ws-security signing. Screenshot below. When I run the scenario, I'm getting an error.

error log screenshot below.

screenshot.jpg (88.6 kB)
screenshot2.jpg (248.2 kB)
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Hi Avinash,

please check all the components i.e (required and optional component is to be in ok status)has deployed or not using the standard url http://hostname:port/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet?parameters