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JR1 condition taken statistical in sales order automatically when fetched from condition records

Nov 18, 2017 at 07:00 AM


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I'am configuring US taxes & at first I took Jr1, JR2 & JR3 conditions as statistical & than since we need to calculate it automatically I change it to automatic entry by assigning access sequence & creating condition records for same, but through condition record I maintained jr2, jr3 is fine but only jr3 it is taking as statistical, but when i maintain it from ftxp it is not statitical, What can be done for that, is it ok to maintain it this way from 2 different transaction. If I enter it manually tax code is not taken & in billing accounting is not generated. Waiting for you reply

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It seems that your question requires additional information. Please make sure that your question outlines the steps you took to find information and create the question again. This way members will know that you searched and were unable to find what you needed.
You may also want to include screenshots of what you're seeing, to help members further understand the issue. And please provide some additional details, as the question is fairly short.

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