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Get user on logon screen or before logon.

Nov 16, 2017 at 05:12 PM


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Hi experts

I need to get the user logged in APP UI5 when he logs on system and set to sap.

There are a way to do it ?


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Hi Ronaldo,

did you try to search about Trusted connection between Frontend & backend ?




hi Frédéric , No didn't

I was trying with var oUser =;

but didn't work.


why do you want to determine the username logged in to front end ?



I want to get the user id and send to sap because i need it to select data by userid in specific table.


As mentioned by Fred, if you have an hub deployment of your application then there will be a trusted RFC connection between frontend server and backend server which will propagate the user credentials to the backend system.

Even if you have an embedded deployment then also the Fiori Launchpad core services will pass the logged in user id to backend.

Check field sy-uname in backend. Also it makes sense for the framework to pass this value beacuse before any custom logic is triggered, framework checks for various authorizations and for that it needs user name.

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