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Nov 20, 2017 at 10:36 AM

what is the percentage formula in COPA two axis form report


Hi Experts,

What is the formula to get Percentages against to column in COPA two axes Form Report?

Ex: In below Report format layout: I want to see Material & other components cost percentage on Sales in 3rd column.

Known formula is =

In Costing formula is = (Material cost / Sales)*100

i.e., = (350/1000)*100=35%, [in excel (B3/B$1)*100] I couldn’t able cost components % values in 3rdcolumn.

Lead Column Actual Data Percentage % Sales Revenue 1000 Material 350 ? Machine 250 ? Labor 150 ? OH 50 Net Profit 200 ?

So could you please help what is the correct formula and where can I get other similar kind of formulas?

Thanks in advance for your immediate assistance.


Shiva T