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Transport HANA procedure + SCHEMA error

Nov 20, 2017 at 08:19 AM


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I am trying to transport a Procedure from HANA DEV to HANA QA.

In DEV, the schema is "ECC_SLT_HBD".

In QA, the schema is "ECC_SLT_HBQ".

In the DEV, i need to use the below line to activate my "Procedure"


when i transport the same to QA HANA via change list, i get error that "schema

"ECC_SLT_HBD" is not active" in the QA system

If i put the QA schema in DEV, it will never get activated as the QA schema is not available in the "DEV" system.

Can you guide me to transport the Procedure ??

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Florian Pfeffer
Nov 20, 2017 at 11:07 AM

As you cannot define the schema name at that place in a dynamic or mapped way (e.g. via schema mapping), you cannot solve the issue with two different schema names. You have to create a schema (as recommended by a repository object) which will then have the same name on DEV and QA. Calling that repository defined procedure is possible w/o using the schema name by using the automatically generated public synonym.


PS: In the "XS Advanced" world you will not have such issues anymore, because you define your objects not related to a schema. The schema handling will be done for you automatically (at least for the basic stuff).

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yes, as a workaround i have created the schema in DEV with the same name as in QA. (Temp schema to support the transport of the Objects)

Also copied relevant tables to that schema and have provided the access right to _SYS_REPO for that newly created schema and then have transported successfully the procedure to the QA HANA system.

Only after i had defined the schema with the same name in as QA i was able to transport.

I assume that the "schema mapping" does not work in case of procedure. Correct me if i am wrong..


That's what I've said.