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Nov 20, 2017 at 06:44 AM

TextEdit Control Issue : Full text is not getting displayed


We are giving text of 4000 characters in a custom container on a module pool screen with the help of class cl_gui_textedit(methods set_text_as_r3table, get_text_as_r3table etc) .The module pool screen is called from a custom transaction. The text is getting saved in a custom table and getting printed in an adobe form. While saving in custom table and printing the adobe form, the whole 4000 characters are getting saved in custom table and getting printed on the form. But after exiting the transaction and while executing the transaction again, we need to display the previously saved text from the custom table. We are using set_text_as_r3table to set the text in the container. But while displaying the text in the custom container using set_text_as_r3table, some of the characters from the end of the text are getting truncated, although the FULL text is being passed to this method. It seems the standard class method(set_text_as_r3table) is unable to set the FULL text. Can anyone please suggest a solution for this issue. Thanks!!