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Oct 18, 2016 at 10:07 AM

Android SAP Fiori Client + HCPms + Push Notification

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When I try the push notification from REST client, I see the successfully created code 201 but no message is being pushed to the device and also in results I see “unknown push target type” (attached image1) image1.png

So, I wanted to check if the device is also registered with the GCM server and tried to verify it using REST client and see if I receive the GCMRegistrationID but I do not get this.(attached image2)image2.png

I know that unknown push target type means the push registration is not done completely.But i see registration created in HCPms but may be not created in GCM server.

Is it required to add additional codes in "OnInit" function to register the device like below -

var nTypes = sap.Push.notificationType.SOUNDS | sap.Push.notificationType.ALERT | sap.Push.notificationType.BADGE;

sap.Push.registerForNotificationTypes(nTypes, regSuccess, regFailure, processNotification, ""); //GCM Sender ID, null for APNS

Any inputs please, if something is being missed ?


image1.png (77.6 kB)
image2.png (187.4 kB)