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SAP Licensing for WAS ABAP / JAVA - What constitutes a Developer License ?

I have been asked to determine how many Developer User Licences my customer needs to request from SAP. We are not getting much luck in our conversations with SAP around what behaviour or pattern of usage triggers the need for a Developer User Licence.

Please note that I am not talking about Developer Keys or Object / SSCR keys; I'm talking about how SAP determines whether a user is a Developer for User Licensing. I'm working through what information is available at the System Measurement page; including the list of User Types found on the User Classification page, and I have found some useful information (detailed below), but I still have some questions.

On the System Measurement Guides page, I have found in the SAP System Measurement Guide (Version 7.0). This verifies that so long as we ensure that named individuals have the same user ids across systems and landscapes, then we will not get double counting (for example, where the same person changes both ECC and BW code to get a custom extract working).

On the customer system (Netweaver 7.5) I can see that in transaction USMM..

  • System Measurement appears to be based on the last two years usage.
  • User Data Analysis lets me determine whether a user changed source code or performed "professional" activities or appears mischaracterized because of the roles assigned to them.
  • Log tells me things like how many users have an SSCR Key.

I can also see that the Price Lists contain basically three types of user who would change code, whether it's Z code or standard code.

Basis-only user
A Basis-Only user is an individual authorized to access the licensed software solely for the purpose of executing the following transactions:

  • Document management, including optical archiving
  • Monitoring and administration of the software (my emphasis)
  • All transactions contained in the licensed Human Resources functions
  • All Enterprise Office/HR user transactions solely for the individual’s own purposes
  • All transactions contained in the licensed IS Health Care functions, as long as the sales unit is not IS-H users

The Basis-Only user is authorized to use the runtime environment for applications developed in-house.

Development Workbench user

A Development Workbench (DW) user is an individual authorized to use the ABAP Workbench. ABAP Workbench user authorization is required to create workflow definitions. At least one DW user must be classified per installation.

SAP NetWeaver Developer User

The SAP NetWeaver Developer user is a named user who uses the development and administration tools provided with SAP NetWeaver for the purpose of modifying, deploying and managing SAP or third party applications or for the purpose of creating, modifying, deploying and managing custom developed applications. The SAP NetWeaver Developer user includes the rights granted under the SAP NetWeaver Professional user.

My questions are

  1. What kind of behaviour falls into what User Type ?
    What if any (from a Developer License and therefore cost perspective) is the difference between "Development Workbench" and "SAP Netweaver Developer" users ?
    If Users are "just" developing SAP queries (SQ01), are they considered "Development Workbench" users or "SAP Netweaver Developer" users or one of the SAP Professional user types ?
    If Users are "just" writing / changing Z* code via SE80 / Eclipse, are they be considered "Development Workbench" or "SAP Netweaver Developer" users ? Is there a distinction between these two from the point of view of cost ?
  2. If Users are changing SAP standard code via SNOTE, or via the workbench because an OSS note requested manual steps, are they considered "Basis-only" or "Development Workbench" or "SAP Netweaver Developer" users ?
  3. When do SAP count the licenses ? Is there a pro-rata mechanism ? For example, If the customer has a major (by their standards) development project, and they require 12 developers for 3 months, once they have finished their work they can be deactivated (expired) before we perform system measurement again.
    Is this an acceptable (to SAP) approach ?
    Alternatively, is there a pro-rata mechanism ? i.e. instead of the customer paying for 12 Developer licences, pay for 3 (1 quarter of 12)) ?

Your help would be much appreciated

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