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MMS cockpit error - cannot load data types

Nov 17, 2017 at 06:59 PM


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please check below screenshot.

iot-mms-cockpit.jpg (164.6 kB)
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Anton Levin
Nov 18, 2017 at 05:24 AM

Please, check IoT FAQ [1] for two potential causes of your issue.

[1] > "IoT Cockpit" > Why does the Internet of Things service cockpit display error messages telling me that entities cannot be loaded?

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Thanks this worked, the IoT service cockpit loads up data.

Now my MMS cockpit does not load up it gives message Service Unavailable.

can you help here ?




This what the log says :

Caused by: Failed to retrieve the database connection from the SAP Cloud Platform SAP HANA / SAP ASE Service. Please check if you specified a valid data source binding for the MMS in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.


Same FAQ [1] > "MMS" > Why does the MMS not start or stays in state 'STARTING' or 'ERROR'? or Why does the MMS return HTTP status 500?



I have the database and schema in place but still the app does not start.

also binding exits

iot-database.jpg (82.0 kB)

What is the name of your "Data Source" in SCP Cockpit > Java Applications > iotmms > Configuration > Data Source Binding? "Data Source" has to be a default one "DEFAULT"


It is "default"

iot-database1.jpg (37.4 kB)

From the remote logs I see "SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: [10]: authentication failed" exceptions when MMS tries to establish a connection with the DB. I see you are on Trial and using MDC HANA. Be advised that the default DB user is "SYSTEM" and not your P-user. Also, re-cehck the password. IoT MMS will require a restart after you do the data source re-binding.


Thanks for your quick response, the app has now started.

i get below error when i click on the cockpit link.

Access to the requested resource is forbidden (HTTP 403).


Dear user, I really insist that you read and follow the online documentation before posting questions. See IoT FAQ [1] and respective documentation about assigning roles [2].

Please, also familiarize yourself with the Community Rules of Engagements [3] and especially with:

#3 Search before you post.

#13 Do not hijack - a current question (original) is supposed to be answered. Resolution is - wrong role assignment for IoT RDMS component. Follow-up question also resolved. Resolution is - DB binding and DB credentials were wrong. Latest follow-up question - see above.

#8 Be responsive.


Anton (Moderator)

[1] > MMS > Why does the MMS return HTTP status 403?




below screenshot

iot-database2.jpg (69.8 kB)

Type your p-user correctly. "1" is missing at the end.


Thanks for all the help. It works now !