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SAP Hana XSA Web IDE:: SQLSCRIPT Unresolved function "record_count"


I try to use record_count in a stored procedure but get always the error msg: Unresolved function "record_count".

The hdiconfig is up to date.

    "plugin_version" : "",
    "file_suffixes" : {

declare lv_index integer;

ltCases = SELECT "PATNR"
	FROM "TBASE.db.NDSO.etlTaskChain::ndsoKennzahl5.ndsoKennzahl5.active_data";
FOR lv_index IN 1..record_count(:ltCases) DO


I can build this stored procedure, but if I call it, I get this error:

Could not execute 'CALL "dummy.db.procedures.csp::test"()'
Error: (dberror) general error: SQLScript internal error: N9sqlscript10ScalarTypeE is not derived from N9sqlscript4TypeE

Any ideas

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  • the same for issue: Unresolved function IS_EMPTY

    It cames with SPS11, a long time ago. why do I have this issue?

    IF IS_EMPTY(:lt_Kennzahl) THEN
    END IF;

    Any ideas?

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