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MIRO x NFe - Config Base IPI in the 'Other Base' when IVA 'I8'

Nov 17, 2017 at 03:48 PM


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How to configure PO for generation in the NFe by MIRO and inform other bases for IPI when IVA 'I8'.

Thank you!

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2 Answers

Carlos Wagner Moçatto Nov 17, 2017 at 08:09 PM


First you have to have a NFe type created on your system, you can check the given document type on SPRO > Cross application components > General application functions > Nota fiscal > Define nota fiscal type.

Now go to J1BTAX and select double click at table J_1BTXIP2 - Maintain IPI Material-Dependent Exceptions

--> Set field "Other base" = ON to the given entry.


you can do this using other table such as J_1BTXIP3 and setup by tax group, I'm only showing one possibility on J1BTAX using a tax group with the field MWSKZ- tax code and then set this for tax code I8 as per your need. I don't have this tax group created here, that's why I showed table J_1BTXIP2, but same logic applies for other tables.

Next step , you will create your PO enter tax code I8, post Goods receipt using MIGO.

now on MIRO ,enter all related data , then go to tab Detail, you will enter the NF type and press enter , a new button [Nota fiscal] will apper on the top of MIRO, hit this new button and go to nota fiscal screen, double click at line item and navigate to Taxes where you will see

NFe taxes

Please refer the following link:

hope that helps

Carlos Moçatto

nftype.jpg (76.9 kB)
taxcodei8.jpg (46.6 kB)
miro-nfe.jpg (143.0 kB)
otherbase.jpg (108.5 kB)
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Clayton Camargo Barbosa Júnior Nov 20, 2017 at 11:51 AM


I have done this config but when it has not ICMS in the process the IPI of Other Base is no value.

Thank you.

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