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soap 2 file

what is a soap adapter? what is its purpose?

How would you do a simple soap to file scenario?

What will the input be like?

What will the output be like?

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3 Answers

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    Feb 03, 2008 at 10:59 AM

    Sometimes searching the forum can help...

    soap to file scenario

    and for the future:

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      Hi Neha,

      First Welcome to XI........

      SOAP is an XML-based protocol for exchanging information in a decentralized, distributed environment. It was made for Web, a combination of XML and HTTP opens up new options for distributed data exchange and interaction in a loosely coupled web environment. SOAP is a technology that allows XML to move easily over the Web. SOAP does this trough an XML envelope for delivering XML content and specifying a set of rules for services to follow when they receive a SOAP message.

      Plesae go through below link for more details about to use SAOP adapter in real time scenarios

      An Overview of SOAP


      For SOAP to File scenario

      U need to do the following steps:

      1) Create an WSDl in ID for SOAP scenarios if u have WSDL provided with u then no need to generate the WSDL.

      2) Check the generated WSDL using XML-SPY.

      3) import the WSDl in IR in external definition.

      4) Configure the SOAP adapters.

      How to use SOAP adapter:

      SAP AII - How to consume and expose webservices ?

      For the file

      1) U need to first see in which format u need to generate the file in CSC,fixed length or any other format accordingly u need to write the FCC in file adapters.

      Refer following:



      Sender -


      Key value:



      /people/shabarish.vijayakumar/blog/2005/08/17/nab-the-tab-file-adapter -

      TAB delimited




      NAB the TAB (File Adapter)


      Receiver FCC no need of Endseparator




      SENDER SOAP ADAPTER: The sender SOAP adapter is basically used to send content from remote clients or Web service servers to the XI.

      To do the end to end scenario let us consider a simple scenario

      in IR:

      1. source data type data type

      3.MT for Both

      4.Message interface for both

      5.message mapping

      6.interface mapping

      in ID:

      1. create business scenario

      2. create sender and receiver service/system

      3.create sender communication channel as SOAP

      4. create receiver communication chaneel as file

      5.Sender agreement

      6.receiver agreement

      7.interface determination

      8.receiver determination.

      Important Step in ID:

      Some Important parameters in SOAP adapter

      Default Interface Namespace: This will be our interface namespace in which we have design all the Integration Repository objects.

      Default Interface Name: This will be the outbound Interface name.

      Quality of Service: Select the Exactly once in case of asynchronous. . Select Best Effort in case of synchronous.

      To check the end to end scenario we can use the XML SPY tool to send SOAP request.

      While using the XML SPY to send the request you have to provide the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file.

      If we don’t have any web service we can create the WSDL file and provide the WSDL file to the web service developer to create the web service. The WSDL file can be created in the Integration Directory.

      Steps to create the WSDL in the Integration Directory:

      1. Go to Tools  DefineWebService….

      2.A wizard will be open and click on continue

      3.A new window will be opened

      Specify the URL of the web service and click on continue

      If SOAP adapter channel belongs to service with party the address is as follows.


      If SOAP adapter channel belongs to service without party the address is as follows


      4. Click on continue a new window will be open, give the message interface name (outbound) and continue.

      5.Give service name, Interface name, Interface Namespace and click on continue

      6.and click on finish to create the Web Service Document

      7.A WSDL file will be created can also save the WSDL file created, to save the WSDL file click on the save button

      9.A new pop up will be opened, specify the location where you want to save the WSDL file.

      The WSDL file created in the Integration Directory can be provided to the web service developer to create the web service

      For testing our end to end scenario using this WSDL created, we can use the XML SPY to send request to the web service

      Using XML SPY

      Steps to make a request using the XML SPY:

      1. Open the XML SPY, in the menu go to SOAP &#61664; Create new SOAP request will open a new window you will provide the path wsdl file that you have recently save .

      3.Click on OK button a new window will be opened which shows the SOAP request

      4.In the menu choose SOAP  Send request to server

      5.Asynchronous Request: If your request is successful you will receive a SOAP response which will be empty response in an asynchronous request .

      Its is a software which is used to check,create,convert the different formats to some different formats.

      It is a client based appication which is used to create the strucutre like XML,XSD,WSDl etc. to check the strucutre whether it is correct or not, used for mapping between source and target. to check the WSDL and test whether its proper or not.

      I think if u can search on google then 30 days trial version is available u can also try to use stylus studio for the same.

      The steps to convert EDI to XML / XSD can be found at the following link:

      Stylus studio download link:

      After creating the WSDL, how do i import it into the IR?

      A) Go to IR, Integration objects->external definitoin select WSDl file from ur desktop and file type as WSDl.

      In case of sender and receiver Communication channels, what do i put for sender and receiver source and target directories?

      A) If u have a file adapter then u need to put either file on application server of XI or u can use FTP server and create ur folder and put the file on that directory.

      SOAP adapter u just refer the below link for configuration or refer the below PDF how to use SOAP adapter which is given to u in my previous thread.

      And i do not have XML Spy, what can i do for that?

      A) I said u try to search on google download it and use the 30 day trial version or I have given u the Styus studio link for down load u can try that also.

      hope this will help you out...if yoiu got nay error then reply me.



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    Former Member
    Feb 03, 2008 at 03:13 PM

    hi Neha,

    sope adapter is used to receive a sope request from other system to xi .if you r using sope adapter as a sender service than you need to publish a web services which will be consumed by any system(non sap).

    step for sender service

    1) create the data type according to the type of request(sope request) u r sending.create the corresponding messate type and message interface.

    2) now create the wsdl file for web service

    step to create web services

    a)ID->tool->define web services,

    follow the wizad .

    b) give the url name.(use propose url onyl.)

    c) select the name of message interface u created in IR

    d) now select the name fo the business service(sender) which u created in the interface name and interface name space from the privious step and put here.

    d) now genrate web services save it in desk top.

    Now u have to publish it which will be consumed be third party.

    now create communication channel by selecting adapter type as SOAP. transport protocol HTTP,message protocol SOAP1.1.

    this will finish ur sender SOAP configuration.

    SOAP scenario is syncronous so u need to create the return data type ,message type and message interface also.

    3)create message mapping and interface mapping for both sender and receiver interface.

    this will finish most of ur scenario, now u have to create only receiver side as file adapter.

    4)the file type is very simple u can do it with the help of other links.

    if u r getting any problem please reply



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    Former Member
    Feb 03, 2008 at 04:14 PM

    Hi neha,

    A soap adapter is used if we want a webservice to send a data.A simple case of where we can use a soap adapter would be suppose we want to send a data through a calculator webservice whose basis function is to add numbers and the result would be the addition of these two numbers(synchronous scenario).Thereby we create two data types i.e for the source and the targer.Then we import the wsdl of the webservice and map the respective message types as we would do in a synchronous scenario.

    We use Altopva xml spy to send request to our xi server and the corresponding result is displayed on the webservice.



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