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Nov 16, 2017 at 01:06 PM

IBP to S/4 - BOM explosion for Sub-Contracting PReq's not working


Hello IBP Guru's,

We are sending down the IBP Supply Planning results (Planned Orders, Sub-Con PReq's and STR's) in Time Series form to S/4, using the Webservices and calling the BAPI to create the orders in S/4.

Planned Orders and STR's are working fine. Also Sub-Con PReq's are being created correctly and the source determination is also working based on the Info record. But the components in the Sub-Con PReq is not being determined, even though the Production Version is maintained in the Sub-Con Info record.

Now if we click on explode BOM icon, then the BOM Components can be displayed. We cannot go into each and every PReq and click on the explode BOM.

What is that we are missing, to determine the BOM components on the Sub-Con PReq's after it is sent down from IBP to S/4.

Note: We have Automatic PO flag set in both Material Master and Vendor master in Purchasing view.

Pl help.