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Feb 01, 2008 at 07:25 PM

Customizng UWL for only HR Related Items


We are implementing ESS/MSS on EP7 and ECC 6.0 Enhancement package 2.

As part of MSS, the manager will be receiving work items in their UWL for approval. These work items use the Standard SAP tasks that are delivered for HCM Forms. We also have certain custom workflows that have been built for non-HR related activities like Sales order/Purchase order. These workflows are also sending work items to the managers.

We would like to restrict the work items showing up on the Portal with the HR related work items only. The idea is that the managers will access all the non-HR work items using SAP inbox. Only the HR related work items should be displayed on the portal. We have the details of the Task/Workflow numbers used for these applications.

Any help will be appreciated!