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Delta load from HANA to BW 4/HANA

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a datasource delta enabled on a HANA calculation view containing data coming from SDI data replication? We want to use this datasource to load data in our BW 4/HANA system and we want to avoid the multiple loads of the same records.

An idea could be something like a remote drop table call from BW at the end of our process chain to empty the replicated table on HANA. But we don't know if this way is possible.

Thank you.

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2 Answers

  • Nov 17, 2017 at 08:45 AM

    Hi, you could create datasources in BW/4 in ODP_HANA source system.

    t could be used for loading data from tables,views, HANA Models (Calculation Views included). Delta is supported through ODQ at SAP BW/4 side. Configure a delta when you define datasource in BW/4, you have to base on field (Data, Timestamp or Numeric Pointer).

    Br, Maksim

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    • Hi guys,

      First of all, I want to tank you for your answers. Below the description of our scenario.

      We solved this issue using the replication task with the feature load behavior = REPLICATE WITH LOGICAL DELETE.

      The result of this setting was the creation in our replicated table of a timestamp field, filled with the timing of the data load.

      Since our replication task is real time, we get populated this field with groups of records with same tmstp.

      We imported this field in our calc. views until the semantic layer and use it in our datasources (that are based on these CV) in BW as delta short timestamp with the proper UTC+n fuse. We tested this solution and it works properly, allowing us to receive the fresh data every time we run the process chain on BW side (actually every hour).

      Thank you again for support.

      By the way we did not undestand the difference between Hana Local and ODP_HANA :-(

  • Aug 01, 2018 at 12:42 PM

    Thanks Maksim

    But how are you able to process the data package by package

    Normally entire calculation view gets generated and then DTP process it package wise

    Sometimes we are getting memory dump when data being prepared by calculation view


    Deb Deep ray

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