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Feb 01, 2008 at 01:42 PM

How to delete or check a blocked query?


Hi Gurus,

we had a Query, afterwards changed the data model (deleted a key figure), adjusted the Queries and transported them. There comes always an error as some objects are not known and so on. So, we created a transport to send the new and needed Query Objects separately to P System. Also error.

When I want to transport the single Query I get an error, that a transformation contains a wrong object "UOMT". I don't know what the systemn means by this but I know that we worked with quantity conversion and so on. Now I found a Query in my D System that still contains the "wrong" key figure. So I want to delete the Query using RSZDELETE, but I get an error as it is blocked. So, how to get this wrong Query out of the system? Or how can I deblock the Query? Is there any way of kind like a "hard" deletion.

Thanks in Advance!