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Feb 01, 2008 at 09:24 AM

Long Term Planning and repetitive manufacturing


Hi all,

We want to prepare and simulate our production plan thru the LTP simulation tool.

As we are using repetitive manufacturing, we load our lines with MF50 in the operative environment and MFS0 in the planning scenario.

MFS0 documentation says:


You can copy the planned orders from operative planning and then process them in the planning table.

When you are satisfied with the simulative planning results, you can copy the planned orders to operative planning.

To call up the planning table in long-term planning, start from the long-term planning node and choose Long-term planning ® Planning table.

But how can we copy the planned orders to operative planning ?

We only found this functionnality in interactive MRP (MD43). We have to transfert the orders item per item manually.

Did we miss the function of mass transfert in MFS0 , MF50 or any other tool , or did SAP forget to create this functionnality ?

Thank's for your help.