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Jan 31, 2008 at 10:36 PM

How to insert blank spaces at end of a record


Hi All,

i need to write 10 records each of 80 char size. of these 10 records, each record might have different data and the last field will be a filler field which only has space.

for example:

DATA : BEGIN OF gs_mrecord ,

id(1) VALUE'M' ,

accno(12) ,

refid(2) VALUE 'RR' ,

sec_cd(4) VALUE '2437' ,

sub_typ(1) VALUE '6' ,

sub_dt(5) ,

sub_seq_no(1) ,

sec_cd1(4) VALUE '2437' ,

sub_dt1(6) ,

record_no(6) TYPE n ,

ext_ind(1) ,

plat_id(1) ,

filler_1(1) ,

clear_code(3) ,

ex_merc_no(16) ,

filler_4(4) , fill blank spaces

mech_bin_no(6) ,

filler(6) , " fill blank spaces

END OF gs_mrecord .

like this there are 10 types with 80 char size, however the last field is a filler, in which we need to fill only blank spaces.

when i wrtie this data to the application server file i can't see the spaces and when download(to .TXT file) also i can't see the spaces.

is there anyway that i can keep the spaces at the end of the record.

Please note, in the middle of the record, we can keep the spaces as there is some data after that.

Any hint would be of great help.