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Former Member
Jan 31, 2008 at 12:10 PM

using attributes in Workitem title brings old data


Hi all,

the workitem text is defined in the corresponding task -> Work Item text.

I have inserted a BOR attribute and do use the same attribute in the description text of that task.

A few minutes after a workflow instance was created, the value of the attribute will be changed, outside of any workflow processes.

A workflow agent executes his inbox now and gets the old value of the attribute, not the updated value? But in the description field the updated value is used - of course this is confusing for the agent...

For me it looks like the workitem texts are stored in a table, and will not be updated, even if a attribute is used. But the desription text will be created at runtime. Propably they did that because of performance reasons?

Can anybody confirm this behavior, or did I do any mistakes?

Any proposals to avoid this - I considered to use a dynamic field for that attribute, would this be a better solution?

thanks, Jo