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Jan 31, 2008 at 11:06 AM

dynamic Componente Usage


Hi folks,

theres a pretty complex issue we are facing.

The application should be able to show a certain amount of views, defined at runtime.

for example: you enter the application, enter a number and show as much components as stated.

Of course you would try it with component usages, but I haven't figured out how it is possible to use a dnyamic amount of component usages (I do not mean component usage instances, I mean usages as in "used web dynpro components").

The used components may be filled with instances generated at runtime, that's easy, but how can I define that I want to use n components of the same type.

I can also imagine to define lets say 30 component usages and show as much as I need, but thats horrible work...

would the alternative be dynamic layouting and context binding?

please no links