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Jan 31, 2008 at 10:44 AM

MB51 - credit note


Hi MM wizards:)

I'm from SD module so please be patient ...

We get a material from our supplier for example:

Material number: Batch Amount: Price:

500001 aabbc 1000 10000 $

We put in to our store by purchase invoice. So we have a material on our store - price 10 $/unit. a day after we recieve a credit note from our supplier minus 2000 $ . So now we have price 8 $/unit.

And now my question .

In T-code mb51 we have only a purchase invoice (10 000 $), can we get a credit note as well , or is some other T-code that recieve this information is possible. Or maybe I can get this information from some table.

Best Wishes