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Install Creme and MI Client on SD Card

Hi All,

Due to low memory in my device, I have tried install creme and mi client on SD card follwing the below instructions suggested by some one.

+Refer the steps mentioned below for MI Client + CreMe on SD Card.....+

Installing MI and data on SD ROM:

1. Copy the CrEme cab and the MI cab on to the device and install them. Register the MI Client.

2. Assign the application/addons/patches to the device, sync to get the appliation along with the data. (I have copied whole MI folder which is working in another device having db2e etc and data)

3. Move the CrEme folder present in WindowsCrEme to the SD Card directory.

4. Move the MI folder to SD Card directory.

5. Move the following dlls present in Windows to SD CardCrEme in

• CryptoPlugin.dll

• DB2e.dll

• DB2eJDBC.dll

• gfw.dll

• gfwconf.dll

• jscp.dll

• jscpconf.dll

• License.dll

6.Edit the crème_listOfJars.txt which is present in SD CardMI, change all the paths which are present in it to point to the new path. eg. MIlib ME.jar to SD CardMIlibME.jar. Also add a ‘ (quote) after -classpath and also at the end.

ie. –classpath ‘SD CardMIlibMDSD2.0CD.jar;SD CardMIlibdb2ejdbc.jar;SD CardMIlibME.jar;’

7.Move the MobileEngine.lnk file present in WindowsStartUp to SD Card

8. Edit MobileEngine.lnk file. The new content should be as given below:

+255#"SD CardCrEme inCrEme.exe" -Of -ml 64000 -bcp 'SD CardMIlibSapBigDecimal.jar' -cf 'SD CardMI

lfont.txt' -cf 'SD CardMIcreme_listOfJars.txt' '-home:/SD Card/MI'+

9. Click on the MobileEngine.lnk file

10.CreMe and MI should load.

But when I gave the URL "http://localhost:4444/me...." a pop up message displaying as Cannot Connect with current connection settings. To change your connection settings, tap settings.

Can any please suggest how to install these in SD card.



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2 Answers

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    Feb 01, 2008 at 08:24 AM

    I have do it lot of time... But i don´t install creme in SD, only MI.

    My process is:

    Install creme an MI in the PDA.

    Without reset the PDA y move the folder MI to SDMMC Disk.

    I copy the file MIServer allocate in Windows/Startup by:

    255#"WindowsCrEme inCrEme.exe" -Of -cf 'SDMMC DiskMIcreme_listOfJars.txt' '-home:/SDMMC Disk/MI'

    I copy the file creme_listOfJars.txt allocate in SDMMC DiskMIcreme_listOfJars.txt by:

    -classpath 'SDMMC DiskMIlibMEg.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibsystemcrimson.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibsystemxalan.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibsystemjaxp.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlib

    ewclasses.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlib omcat.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibcompiler.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibpinstall.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibsystemiaik_javax_crypto.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibsystemiaik_jce.jar;SDMMC DiskMIlibsystemjdk11x_update.jar;'

    However i have very experience in creme and MI in the SD, and the sync late one minute more that in the PDA.

    I hope that it helps you,

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    Former Member
    Feb 01, 2008 at 01:32 PM

    Hi Murthy,

    this error is a usual thing!

    You installed MI on the SD card. Problem with the WinCE operating system: the files in the startup folder are processed, before the SD card is available. So you want to start Creme, but the creme is on SD card and the sd card is not available. Unfortunately this is the problem.

    Well, either you start the MI link manually after restarting the PDA from the startup folder. When you can do that the SD card is available as well and then it should wor fine. If it is not working, then you have done some errors in the configuration (misstypo), but usually ths is the problem. Make t worse: this error occures only in 90% of the PDAs, 10% of the PDAs work absolutely fine 😔

    On the other hand, use it like Victor said - but even then you could run into problems, cause Creme tries to start files in the MI folder. But cause Creme itself needs some time to init, usually this works fine.

    Hope this explains you the reaon of your problem.



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