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Jan 31, 2008 at 09:56 AM

Problem with external libraries and Web DynPro



we're stuck here.

We're trying for a week now to include external libraries(e.g. Hibernate) into our Web DynPro Project, without success so far.

We read every single forum and blog entry we could find on this topic.

E.g.: /people/valery.silaev/blog/2005/09/14/a-bit-of-impractical-scripting-for-web-dynpro

We're running Netweaver 2004s SP9 Trial Version.

The biggest problem is, that when we deploy an J2EE Server Component Library DC exactly like described in the blog entry above, although it is deployed correctly an lists under Server->Libraries in Visual Administrator, the external hibernate.jar doesn't get deployed onto the server. It's just an empty container named hib/lib without any entries in "Jars Contained". The sda file of the library DC also has only 2K and doesn't include the hibernate.jar which we added as used dc...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Or is there a simpler way to include external jars into Web DynPro Projects and deploy them to the server? (We already tried putting them into the lib folder without luck, we always get "NoClassDefFound...")

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