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PowerBuilder 12.6 datastore issue and others

Nov 15, 2017 at 04:15 PM


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I have a PB 12.6 license installed, I did migrate an App developed with an older version. One of the .exe it's generated with a simple code part where it's used several Datastores for scan table records of an Oracle 11g database.

On the IDE environment works perfectly, but, when I compile and generate the .exe, on the execution in Windows, the DataStore Retrieve returns -1 rows, but SQLCA.SQLCode is 0, SQLCA.SQLDBCode 0 also and SQLCA.SQLErrText are empty...

If I put a DataWindow control on the process caller window with the datawindow object used for create the DataStore on the code, it works, but it's weird and this drives me to include a lot of "ghost" DataWindows on the extense rest of the app

Additionally, on the IDE, for example, the control ProgressBar, seems correctly, but on the .exe appears with the aspect of the older version of PB.

Any suggestion about to solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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1 Answer

René Ullrich Nov 16, 2017 at 06:31 AM

What are your settings in your Project object to build the EXE?

You should build PBDs (or DLLs if you want to create machine code) for Libraries to include the datawindow objects (or you have to specify it in PBR file). Check the return value of SetTransObject function. If it is -1 the datawindow object may not be in your deployed code.

Don't check "Windows classic style" checkbox to get the newer style for controls (e.g. ProgessBar).

BTW: If you retrieve a datawindow or datastore you can't check SQLCA for errors. Use the error event of the control / object instead.

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