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Message cannot be dispatched: Error during processing local bean: localejbs/EDIFACTConverterModule

Nov 15, 2017 at 03:47 PM


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Hi Experts,

There are two scenarios

1. ICO1 --> file to ediseparator

2. ICO2--> Ediseparator to file

ICO1 is reading a edifact file with a file sender channel then trying to forward the same to ediseparator channel. There is no adapter module in any of the channels in ICo1.

In ICO2 EDIseparator channel has module

1 localejbs/EDIFACTConverterModule Local Enterprise Bean 0

2 localejbs/CallSapAdapter Local Enterprise Bean entry

Both the scenarios have no mapping and pass through scenarios. I am getting an error in log of first scenario as shown below

initial log in channel

Searching sender channel for Edifact message part message with Message type INVOIC, Message version number D, Message release number 07A, Interchange sender identification O0013000577MB000000INVOIC, Interchange sender identification code qualifier , Interchange recipient identification 01010000749001, Interchange recipient identification code qualifier

then error log


Message could not be forwarded to the JCA adapter. Reason: Message cannot be dispatched: Message cannot be dispatched: Error during processing local bean: localejbs/EDIFACTConverterModule.

in b2b cockpit maintained two entries under same control key name. One for ICO 1 and another for ICO2 as shown in attached image.


Please let me know if I am missing something here or adapter module name should be different.



capture.png (12.0 kB)
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Manoj K Nov 15, 2017 at 04:14 PM

Hi Anupam ,

Can you please share the error log screenshot please, below are some inputs.

  • You mention the control key association only if you using any customize EDI version or else don't touch the key association leave it as default. i.t SAP with all entries *
  • If you have customized EDI you need to have a custom control key name other then SAP and for that control key you link up your scenario by giving some your unique interface details.

So in short as per your screenshot, you are not using any customized so change the control key association to whatever it was default i.e SAP with all entries * . This should work then.



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Hi Manoj,

Responded to your queries in above response.




Please share the control key association after you made chnages ?



Thank you for your kind response.

Attached is the screenshot, of b2b cockpit.

in b2b cockpit i was unable to convert edifact to xml.



b2bc.png (12.5 kB)

The control Key association and you config look fine no issues.

Few checks :

In the provided screenshot I can see you are using INVOIC D07A version.I hope you don't have any extra filed or any extra segment to be customized for your requirement. This version is part of standard SAP B2B provided content. So can you please cross check if this version is present in your system under SAP control key. Reference find below.

If you have the version can you check the EDI file which you are trying to convert is a valid file? And when you try to convert this directly in cockpit what error do u see at the bottom? If possible you can attach the EDI file here so that I can try it out in my system.

If you don't see this version in your system then it means the standard content file was not uploaded after B2B Addon installation.



inv.png (10.5 kB)

Hi Manoj,

This version is not showing up in the cockpit. In fact no version shows up in b2b cockpit.

Can you please let me know what can be the issue? Here is the screen shot . Do I need to populate the tables or it is provided by SAP?? The names of file are also shown here.

Please let me know if blank table content is expected or not.


Thank you so much for your kind help and cooperation.


edifactb2b.png (30.0 kB)
tables.png (15.3 kB)

Hi Anupam,

As I said before your basis team has not imported the B2B content after the addon installation. So would request you to get in touch with them and ask them to import the B2B content into the cockpit, this file is present in the ZIP file which they downloaded from the marketplace. Once you import the standard B2B content the table gets populated automatically.



Anupam Ghosh Nov 16, 2017 at 09:38 AM

Hi Manoj,

Here are the screenshots of the scenario



Sender channel


receiver channel




The sender channel


The sender channel adapter module


Receiver channel






I tried to change the entries in control key to default but error remains same.



ico1sender.png (16.2 kB)
ico1receiver.png (15.5 kB)
ico2sender1.png (16.7 kB)
ico2receiver.png (14.7 kB)
error.png (83.6 kB)
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Your config looks fine , can you please show the control key association after you made chnages.