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Former Member
Jan 31, 2008 at 07:29 AM

cl_SALV_TABLE : display of initial values!


Hi All,

I do have to display some time fields in my alv table itab_alv.

I'm filling the table according to a corresponding select record are stored in itab_infty_2001...

loop at itab_infty_2001.

wa_alv-beguz = itab_infty_2001-beguz.


if there is no entries in my select itab_infty_2001, the content of the time fields is not assigned and it is displayed as '00:00:00' but when there is an empty record. the field is displayed with no content!

I would like the alv to not display this 00:00:00... and nothing instead...

I did try the no_zero for the column of the fields catalog without success...

Any clues ?