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T-code - smartforms - Screen lock in navigation issue?

Nov 15, 2017 at 09:00 AM


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Actually my smartforms screen got stuck, not able to drag on the either side???

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Mohamed Niyas. R Nov 17, 2017 at 06:09 AM


Hope this helps you to resolve your issue.......

Release T-Code: SMARTFORMS

Whenever the navigation screen for T-Code : "SMARTFORMS", gets locked.

(As shown below)

Follow the steps as follows:-

1) Goto T-Code: SE38

Then, press ENTER

2) Enter Program Name: "LSTXBF08" (i.e., INCLUDE Name)

3) Goto line no: 590 (Set a 'BREAKPOINT').

4) After setting the breakpoint, goto command field anf type: '/h', then press ENTER, you will have a message as 'Debugging switched on'.

5) After the debugger is switched on, enter the T-Code: '/nsmartforms', then press ENTER, it will automatically direct you to the smartforms INITIAL screen.

6) Later enter the form name, then press 'Display'

7) It will re-direct to the debugger screen as below, there proceed with the screen-shot procedures;

8) Double clicking the variable 'G_SETTINGS', edit the component 'TREE_EXTENSION' as '100' (For Example) as shown below;

9) Then goto breakpoints tab --> delete all BP's (or Shift + F2), and finally EXCECUTE the program.




lock-screen.jpg (6.9 kB)
se38-t-code.jpg (27.7 kB)
program-name.jpg (36.0 kB)
break-point.jpg (20.8 kB)
debugger.jpg (7.5 kB)
smartforms.jpg (35.0 kB)
structure.jpg (54.9 kB)
structure.jpg (54.9 kB)
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Sandra Rossi Nov 15, 2017 at 03:01 PM

I guess it's an issue with your SAP GUI for Windows. Install the latest release/patch. Or add a breakpoint in the constructor of class cl_gui_docking_container to set parameter extension = 200 (width) - looks like the issue in SE80 mentioned in note 2527919 - SE80 -Not able to resize the Browser width in Object Navigator.

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