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Searching in EPM Context Menu using part ID and part Description of Dimension

Nov 15, 2017 at 08:46 AM


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Is there any option to search an ID from Dimension context menu where I can search using a part of dimension ID and part of its description.

For Example:- In Account Dimension, there are 1000 GLs. I want to search an account which starts from 6611* and have a description as *Fee* somewhere in it. The modelling is such that GLs are selected using epmcontextmember() in the report/input template.

I am using BPC NW 10.0 and EPM addin SP25 Patch3 .net4.0 on MS-Excel 2013.


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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Nov 15, 2017 at 08:59 AM

Multiple conditions are not supported.

"*" is not supported

If you enter "Fee" - all members with Fee inside text will be shown.

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Hi Vadim,

So such functionality is not present where I can search using a combination of ID and Description inside of a dimension in context menu?


Sorry, but my answer is absolutely clear:

"Multiple conditions are not supported."

You can create a report with all accounts (format ID + Description)

And then use Excel search for:



I think you didn't got my question right.

I wanted to search in the context and not using excel search. See the requirement is like this, I want to punch in values based on combination of Cost Centre and GLs. The GLs are specific for a company code and cost centre are common.

So while giving the Account in context, I am seeing 1000s GL where in atleast 200 of them represents same expense but in different company. Also in description, company were not mentioned. Otherwise I would not have posted the question

And I have got the answer for this. We can add a new property in the dimension wherein I could mention the company and apply filter on this property while searching in context menu.


For sure you can create a property and use it as a filter of the list (but it's not related to your original question). The issue is additional maintenance of this property. Try to fill this property in transformation file when you load account master data.