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Nov 15, 2017 at 05:05 AM

Unable to retrieve the attachment from Open text server which is integrated with SAP


Hi Team,

we are having the requirement to read the attachment from the open text content service folders and display it in the SAP Fiori application. Our SAP system is integrated with xECM and we are able to virtually see the Open text content folders and attachments via business workspace. we exactly want to retrieve this documents only.

Please let me know is there any RFC or classes from where we can directly retrieve this.

As of now i have tried below for consuming open text web services but that didnt help as we are not aware of the parameters to be passed to that exact methods:

I am trying to test the Open text web services Authentication , Document Management and Content services in SOAP UI Client to confirm the methods and paramters to be passed. Once it is successfully identified i will be creating abap proxies for it.

In SoapUI I am able to get the Authentication Token from the Web service Authentication & Method Authenticate User. But i am unable to proceed further. As i am new to open text and as well as Web services , please help me here with the sample paramters,headers to be set in Soap wsdl methods to test it in the soap ui client .

As i have gone through the blogs with sample Java Code , we have to pass this Auth token to document management service and get document id and then use the ID to get the content by means Content service, method Downloadcontent. But when i am passing this auth token to any methods it is giving me the error.

Even a small information will be much of helpful.

Thanks ,

Saranya Sakthi.