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Oct 18, 2016 at 07:53 AM


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when I enter the Q&A area and simply search for a term like "Document" or "DMS" the first result is always from the archive and it shows a huge number of hits.

I think it would be better if looking in the archive entries is an option but not done by default. When I search I would expect to get only current data and not archived one.

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2 Answers

Steve Rumsby
Oct 18, 2016 at 12:18 PM

You might expect that, but many people searching for answers to questions will not know if their question is about a new problem or an old one, and so I would suggest for most people a combined search is more useful.

Maybe it would make sense to be able to switch off the archive search if you are sure there won't be any answers in there, but I don't believe that should be the default.

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Veselina Peykova
Oct 18, 2016 at 12:46 PM

If you use and type DMS, you will get the following result list:

On the right you can see filters by type. Discussions and Documents are in the archive, Press is something you won't be probably be interested in, Page is for the Wiki (I assume you don't want that either), People are unimportant for your criteria. This leaves you with Question and Blog types. This is how you apply both types as filter:

And you also have date ranges on the right, if you don't like playing with filters :)

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Hi Veselina,

that's true but when I enter the community and I see a quite big search field I will use this field instead of clicking on the small search icon at the upper right corner which brings me to the mentioned URL.

I always hear that the community is "Best of breed" but then the search field does not return a good result. In the result list I cannot filter out the "Archive" entries for example. Further there is no information on which is the most used primary tag for these results.

So from my point of view the search function could be improved more and it should be improved. It is not an option to use another URL to get more filter functions.

Best regards,


I know, Christoph, and I share your sentiments completely - in fact, I have raised my concerns multiple times on the lack of flexibility in searching during Open Beta, unfortunately this is what we got at go-live. I wish there were easier ways for forum members to find information and avoid repeated FAQ, unfortunately there was not enough critical mass to influence the priorities of the SAP team.

And I agree with you - nobody should go through such hoops to get meaningful search results in 21st century, but this is the only way, which I found (and it was not very easy to figure out how to use some of the available functionality of SAP search without additional authorizations and without a test environment).

From what I know, enhancing search capabilities is on the to-do list for future improvements.


Another + 1 here. I made the same point during Beta (if there is a big search button why doesn't it lead to the right search?) and was hoping that this would be solved in the live website. But, alas, the SCN search is still hidden. Once again, I drove this point in the brand new blog, just posted today.

Personally, I get much better results with Google 99.999% of the time, so I won't bother pursuing this any further. This have been going on since the SDN times. SCN search is never "better, faster, stronger", as promised. But previously it was just funny and now it's scary when you see "powered by HANA". So SAP should do something here IMHO.


Hi - What is the right search result for a query such as "document" and "DMS"? Are you trying to navigate somewhere?