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Methodology and tools for fit/gap analysis?

Nov 16, 2017 at 07:56 AM


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I will be holding a local fit/gap workshop in relation to a global template.

What tools/methods should I incorporate? Seems a bit unfair to the audience if we just read the BBP together :)

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Anne Johnson Nov 17, 2017 at 12:02 PM

Can you be more specific with what your point is with the workshop? Are you filling out a BBP, are you making a fit analysis of scope-items, are you going to demo a system with transactions? A bit more specific would help us help you with inspiration to what might be a cool idea.

If you have already done the workshop, please share the process and outcome to get feedback aswell.

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Hi Anne!

Sorry for late answer. I haven't set up notifications correctly it seems.
The workshop has already taken place, but I will share my views of this implementation attempt so far...

The customer have their headquarters in country A and also operates in countries B and C. Since the headquarters also situates the global SAP-department, it was decided upon to use Country A as template for countries B and C as well.

Workshops held by The Customer and Consultants from CompanyX found that Country C have complex manufacturing processes and also exports materials with Export License requirements. This impact did not fit the tight budget and schedule of The Customer. CompanyX was kicked out...

Enter SAP Consultant Company Y with headquarters in CountryA. CompanyY implements SAP in Countries A and B with new consultants between the implementations (From countries A and B respectively).
Representatives from Country C was kicked out of the project since they maintained the position that the template did not fit their business and regulation demands. Company X managed to hold fit/gap workshops and left documentation behind before their dismissal.

I was part of a team going to Country C on behalf of CompanyY and our task was to hold workshops and confirm that the fit/gap analysis done by CompanyX still was valid.
We decided that the main goal was to gain trust. Secondary goals was fit/gap analysis and process documentation. With only two days to our disposal we held Module specific Workshops discussing the Blueprint and gaps.

In the end we could only confirm what CompanyX already discovered, with additional gaps added. I have no idea how HQ will react when they find out that CompanyY have found additional gaps that needs to be addressed due to legal requirements.


Thank you so much for the detailed answer Magnus!

In regards to the problem, it sounds very complicated but when looking at the facts, very simple. I personally had to make a little drawing with company Y and X, Country A, B and C. There it helped to understand how they interacted, to understand the concept of what is important when dealing with the current problem.

The act of focusing on a good relationship firsthand, is a stellar approach to get into the problem. If nobody trusts you, then how can you help them? Creating a common grounds for a good cooperation is great way of thinking. Both between company areas and internally between coworkers.

Regarding the Workshop itself, can you go into a bit more detail in how you managed to facilitate it? Design Thinking is a large area of expertise containing many different tools and techniques. How did it fit into methodology in relation to SAP Activate (if you are following this)?

Did you do any specific preparation, workshop related or other, before meeting with Company Y in Country C and doing the workshop?