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Nov 16, 2017 at 07:52 AM

Context handling while creating IDocs and segments


Hi Experts,

This is regarding File to IDoc[DEBMAS06] where the input structure is external message and need to create multiple IDocs based on occurences on number of occurrences of BusinessPartner node with Address type constant equals to "CA" and E1KNBKM segments should be created under proper IDoc with number of occurrences equal of Banking node which is occuring under BusinessPartner node. Pls find the attached input sample files.

1st input:multiplebnks.txt

2nd input:newfile1.txt

Here 1st input should create 2 IDocs with 2 E1KNBKM segment occurrences under 1st IDoc and 5 E1KNBKM segment occurrences under 2nd IDoc.

Kindly help.




multiplebnks.txt (77.9 kB)
newfile1.txt (24.2 kB)