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Jan 30, 2008 at 09:28 AM

WS Proxy Generation for WSDL with messages consisting of multiple parts



I need to create an ABAP client for a Web Service. In the WSDL of the Service I want to call, there are messages consisting of multiple parts like this one:

  	<message name="AddOrUpdateSeekersIn">
    		<part name="header" element="mh:MonsterHeader"/>
     		<part name="catheader" element="cat:CompanyAuthHeader"/>
   		<part name="body" element="monster:JobSeekers"/>

I've found a document that says this is not supported by the ABAP Proxy Generation wizard. What would be the best approach to create a client for this service now?

- Modify the WSDL so that the message only contains one part? How would I do that?

- Don't create a proxy and create the SOAP messages myself and send those using standard SAP classes for http communication? Anyone has an example of this?

- Anyone has a better idea?