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Lumira 2.0 Discovery - connect to on premise Esri server?

Nov 15, 2017 at 02:25 PM


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The documentation doesn't really give much away in terms of how to configure this, and it appears that Lumira 2.0 Discovery maybe fails more gracefully than 1.3.x and falls back to the online base maps if it can't establish a connection to on premise.

I found the following old thread, but unsure how much might still apply to 2.0

Is there a KBA that might detail all of the prerequisites in one place, or is that thread the best source of steps to try?

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Looking for documentation, I cant find much? can anyone help?

what should the onsite premise portal address be the top level i.e

or the web service layer url from Esri

when publishing a storyboard with a map, how does the BO know where do gets its map (default online or onsite) is this information embedded from the preference setting when building the storyboard.

Where are the Esri custom services setup? and how do we use them?


Nick Wright

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I can only help with one aspect of that I'm afraid. We managed to get Lumira to connect to our portal, and retrieve the base maps. The base maps are actually returned from the online Esri resource anyway, so its just a slightly longer way around than going directly at the moment.

The URL we supplied in Preferences was:


However we are still unable to see any custom map services. We think it may be more to do with our Esri setup though. Note that Lumira only supports Polygon Feature Layers currently.

As per the details in the original link in my post, Lumira looks at the following locations.

ESRI Login URl = Portal URL + /generatetoken

ESRI Portal Self URL = Portal URL + /portals/self

ESRI Custom URL = Portal URL + /content/users/

ESRI Service URL = Portal URL + /content/items/

We haven't managed to even generate a content/items path yet.

The best we have is


You should be able to browse all these locations in a browser. Once logged in you should be able to see how all the base maps are defined on the following path:


In our case they all point to the online Esri server, E.g.

Hopefully you might be able to test some basic config with that. We're kind of stalled at the moment, and doing other more productive things...
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1 Answer

Tammy Powlas
Nov 16, 2017 at 10:42 AM

Should be the same as this KBA

Lumira Discovery

Go to Preferences, Geo Map Service

The screen should appear for you to set up

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Did you read the thread I linked to Tammy?

I am not asking about how to access setup preferences, I'm asking about all of the seemingly 'hidden' stuff such as the on premise server requiring a valid certificate, etc and other bits that seem to be required in order for the connection to work, but don't seem to be listed in any documentation (that I can find)

The KBA you linked to had this statement under Cause:

"It is currently not supported for ESRI Map Services"

Am I to infer from that statement that connection to on premise Esri doesn't work currently?


Hi Adam - I read this:

"Investigating feasibility of providing this as part of a release for future 2.0 Patch. "

It doesn't state which patch this is provided.

But I don't work for SAP - so for further clarification I recommend opening a SAP Support ticket under the component "BI-LUM-DIS"