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Jan 30, 2008 at 05:29 AM

Schedule lines tranfer from R/3 to SUS in a MM-SUS scenario


Hi SRM gurus,

We are working on the MM-SUS scenario where the scheduling agreement is created in the backend R/3 system. Delivery schedule lines are generated in the backend and transfered to the SUS thru. ME9E transaction for sending the delivery schedule to the SUS.

We have a confirmation control key which guides us in SUS to create an ASN in the backend.

Though there is a confirmation control key exist in the SA for that particular line item, when the ASN is sent from SUS to XI to R/3. There is an idoc error in the R/3 which says that there is no confirmation control key though it is there for the line item which is transfered to SUS.

Now Pls. answer my questions :

1) Will ME9E transfer the total lines in the SA or the schedule lines with the delivery schedules only ?

2) Is it possible to resend the same schedule line ( with the updated delivery schedule) to the SUS as per the standard scenario?

3) In the SUS how do we findout the materials corresponding to that particular delivery schedule line. Because in SUS the reference is only the scheduling agreement number as we could not see any scheduline line item.

Pls. suggest.

We are working on SRM(SUS) 5.0 with ECC6.0 as the backend.

Best regards,