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Jan 29, 2008 at 09:51 PM

Product Interchangeability questions


Dear Gurus -

I am trying to work with product interchangeability functionality in SNP and this is my simple scenario:

There are two locations A (sourcing location) and B (receiving location)

Product 1 has a Forecast at B till the end of 2008

Product 1 is being discontinued after 04/01/08 and being replaced by product 2

I worked with just 1 location and everything worked fine.The system created planned orders for product 1 inside of 04/01/08 and created substitution receipts planned outside of 2008 and it made sense. However I am having trouble with a 2 location scenario

The questions which I have are:

1) Do I have to create location specific interchangeability groups? Or Do I create 1 interchangeability group and have 2 locations in the location tab?

For the 2 location scenario above, I tried both( 1 group with 2 locations). System gives a warning in the other case when a product is assinged in multiple groups

2) I ran SNP heuristic, and I thought the system would create a Purchase Requisition just like planned orders which is Preqs for product 1 before 04/01/2008 and Preqs for product 2 (substitution receipt planned) after 04/01/2008 which did not happen. I still see Preqs ONLY for product 1 even AFTER 04/01/2008. Why is this?

3) When I tried the 1 location scenario, I see planned orders for product 1 before 04/01/2008 and substitution receipts planned after 04/01/2008. The substitution receipts as expected do not go into R/3. We are not using PPDS, So How is this situation dealt?

The plants do need to know that product 2 has planned orders in the future.

Also, how do the substitution receipts planned in the case above become actual planed orders? IS it when we run the heuristic AFTER that date of 04/01/2008 that the system knows that product 2 is now valid and creates normal planned orders instead of the substitution orders?

Please let me know if I need to give more details

Thanks for all your help!