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Passing parameter to selection variable from Desgn studio

Nov 15, 2017 at 05:37 AM


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Dear All,

I am facing an issue while passing parameter from Design studio to webi.

I am able to pass parameters to all the selection variables except for one, CALYEAR.

Calyear is selection variable applied for a keyfigure(restricted keyfigure).

Is there any limitation in Design studio such that we cant pass values to such selection variable. and what is the solution for it.

Please share your ideas.

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Hi Swapna,

Can you clarify how you are getting the value of CALYEAR and passing it to the WebI report and what the result is? Some screenshots and your script code would be helpful.




HI Mustafa,

Many Thanks for your reply.

I am capturing the user selection for calyear from the dropdown and passing to webi using the below code.


+ "&lsSPlant=" + Plantname /// this is a Variable holds the selected plant
+"&IsSCalYear=" + DROPDOWN_YEAR.getSelectedValue()
+"&lsSBU=" +BU /// this is a Variable holds the selected plant
+"&lsMCostCenter=" + Costcenter // this is a Variable holds the selected plant
+"&lsMProductGroup=" + PG // this is a Variable holds the selected plant

All the values are getting passed except the calyear


Some more questions:

Where in your application are you triggering the above code?

Do you have any code in the "On Select" event of the Dropdown? If so, can you post it?

How are you populating the Dropdown?

Can you post a screenshot of your application showing the expanded Dropdown?

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2 Answers

Swapna SM Nov 16, 2017 at 11:16 AM


Hi Mustafa,

I have attached the screenshot of my application. you can see the dropdown of year filter. and also the button named-"Show Detail View" which is triggering code I mentioned in my earlier post.

I am populating the drop down in its properties area, where we bind it to source and target.

you can also see all the available filters on left side of the dashboard. user can select any or all of filter and the dashboard is getting filtered according to user selection.

Now if the user wants to see more detailed level of data- he will click on the button "Show Detail View" which should open webi report and pass the user selection to webi. So that the user does not have to filter the webi report again.

Please let me know if you need any information.


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Hi Swapna,

Have you confirmed that DROPDOWN_YEAR.getSelectedValue() is actually returning the selected year?


Hi Mustafa,

Could you also take a look at my question here-

Apologies for posting different topic here
Swapna SM Nov 17, 2017 at 05:15 AM

Yes Mustafa I have double checked it. and also tried hard coding it. once as "2014" and again as 2014.. it did not throw any error both the times. but the value 2014 was not passed to webi.

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When you say "I have double checked it", can you explain HOW you have checked it?

Can you clarify what you mean by "but the value 2014 was not passed to webi."? How do you know it was not passed to Webi?


HI Mustafa,

I tried to display the user selection to a text box using settext. it did show the user selected value in the text box.

regarding the value not being passed to webi- the report was not filtered by year that I tried to pass. be it hardcoded value or the value with function dropdown_1.getselectedvalue().


Hi Swapna,

What happens when you hard code the year in the opendoc URL and call the URL directly from the browser instead of from a Design Studio application? This test will tell you if the problem is with Design Studio, or just the way the URL parameters are being encoded.