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Jan 29, 2008 at 04:48 PM

Data Maintenance Web Dynpro ABAP versus Classic ABAP


I am working on a project where I will have to create a couple of custom master data tables. In classic SAP it is very easy to create standard table maintenance screens for master data via transaction SE54 where you can assign an authorization group for security purposes if necessary. Although we very much like Web Dynpro ABAP development, I cannot find an easy way to create the same userfriendly table maintenance screens as we know them in classic SAP.

That's why I am a bit in doubt: on the one hand we want the web look and feel, but on the other hand creating the maintenance functionality in classic sap is very simple and straight forward. Whatever the solution will be, classic or not, it will become part of a portal someday. I know both solutions can be linked to a portal so that's no decision maker in our case.

Does somebody have any idea if there is something available for generating standard data maintenance screens in Web Dynpro ABAP without the need for a lot of additional coding? Basically I am looking for a web dynpro replacement for transaction SE54.

Looking forward to your thoughs!!

kind regards

Angelique Heutinck