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Former Member
Jan 29, 2008 at 04:28 PM

Dynamic TASK DESCRIPTION (internal table)


Hi there,

Does anyone know how to create a dynamic task description using an INTERNAL TABLE? My idea here is that I want to build up an internal table of HTML so that the task description can be nicely displayed in OUTLOOK.

I obvioulsy know how to put variables into the task description BUT how do I handle LOOPING at an internal table?

I have looked at the SAPSCRIPT but no luck on a "loop command"...

I have thought of something stupid - perhaps I call a PERFORM <subroutine> in another program and print out the '&variable&' in that code......BUT I know it won'y work like that.....

Surely creating a task description from an internal table can't be so hard?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated 😉