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Former Member
Jan 29, 2008 at 03:43 PM

is this possible technically ??


Dear Netweaver Experts,

I just like to find out from the panel of experts here,

is it possible for the following:

current system: installed and used as sandbox and has the latest tested development objects.

to-be system : to use the same as production.

question : the current system is used as sandbox already and this means there are user data existing. Is it technically possible to turn this into a 'brand new' production system? Specifically, I am trying to find out how to convert this into a 'new' production system such that from a system (audit, logging) perspective, this sandbox is as good as a freshly installed one? If there are some SAP tables logging in the background, how can this be deleted completely? customer data can all be deleted and re-inputed or migrated. I am not sure if SAP supports this idea of dropping all its audit or table logging or system tracking or application logging tables. In other words, is it possible to keep the developed objects in the system and yet make it appear technically as a newly installed system as if no one has inputed any data nor used it before or a newly installed production system where its only usage known to it is the importing of development objects?

If you have done something similar before, please advise. Would really appreciate some advise. Thanks!!