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Lumira 2.0 Designer Map - Default Basemap Ends Next to New Zealand

Nov 14, 2017 at 11:01 PM


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Hi All,

I have noticed that the default basemap is centred on Europe, with the viewable area begining and ending just to the right of New Zealand.

For me in Australia visualising things centred on Australia but spread out over the Pacific results in a map that is not particularly friendly.

Is there a way to change the "centre" of the basemap layer to be on a longitude that falls over Australia, so that the viewable area starts and ends at a longitude over the Atlantic/Europe? Or that results in a map where the baselayer repeats like Google Maps (for example)?

NB: I am familiar with the centreMap() method for setting the centre over a layer, but that doesn't affect the basemap itself.

Thanks, Pat

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1 Answer

Tammy Powlas
Nov 15, 2017 at 11:44 AM

Patrick - I see what you mean.

A possible suggestion is to change the basemap URL following the SAP Help - - step 9 indicates that this is possible.

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Thanks Tammy,

I had considered altering the basemap url, but I dont know what the esri url is (the url is blank in the properties view for me). Do you know what the esri url is? I would like to use the licence included in the product (and not procure a separate licence).

Thanks, Pat